3.5lbs down this week

Stats recap time! 

Starting/high weight: 316lbs January 2015

Current weight: 249 lbs January 2016

Goal weight: 130-150lbs by December 2016

67 lbs down total, 119 yet to go. 

After being off track the second half of last year (after the wedding) I’m happy to have survived the holidays, lost the holiday weight gain, and be back on track! 

This week I have lost 3.5 lbs and last week I lost 3.8 lbs. I’m on track to hit my goal of 10lbs/mo, as I’m trying to lose the remaining 119lbs by year-end. Time to be done. 

Feeling pretty good about my progress this week. I wasn’t “perfect” but I still lost. I ate carbs (from veg, not starches) and still lost. 

I’m also learning it doesn’t have to be all or nothing- either “perfect” or a disaster. I don’t have to be under 20 carbs each day, I can stay under 50 with eating veg and be ok. 

This is a challenging process and not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully I’ll continue to learn and stay on track and make progress. 


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