SundayFunday: Valentine’s Edition

Super proud of my day yesterday– the best day in recent history. Hit 13,980 steps, all 3 Apple Watch goals, and I stayed perfectly on track eating– all on Valentine’s Day!!! 
Not only did I hit my goals, I obliterated my “move” goal (active cals). Literally more than doubled my goal, with 778 cals burned (smart goal of 340). Got a new badge for the first time: 

I also maneuvered the day quite well, food wise. When planning our family (hubs, me, and puppy) day, I neglected to plan for food. 

So for lunch, we had the puppy with us and couldn’t be choosy. Came across a BK, and pulled to the side and looked up calories for grilled chicken sandwich- no bun. I ate half of it, so only 110 cals, with 12g protein. I even stayed in my 10:1 cals to protein ratio!!! Was super proud. 

Then, we were killing time before our dinner reservations and since it was Sunday, everything was closed early. So we went to Starbucks. I did NOT even think about getting a venti frapuccino, my old go-to drink. I was trying to be good, so I got an iced green tea without looking it up. My mistake. Halfway thru my drink I looked it up to log it and there were +20 carbs in one drink– that’s my entire day!!! So, I asked my hubs if he would mind if I didn’t drink the rest and showed him the carbs. I threw it away. I still consumed 10 carbs (half my day) but lesson learned and better than it could have been. 

Even with the unplanned and slight screw up with the green tea, I stayed at exactly 20 carbs yest and 109g protein. I am *super* proud of myself!!!! 

So yesterday was perhaps my first successful Valentine’s ever!!! I am so determined to stay on track and lose the rest of this weight! 

Oh!!! I almost forgot– I also weighed yesterday morning. I am already a lb lower than my Friday weight goal!!! Totally killing it!!!! 


Met *every* goal today, for the first time EVER!!! 

Met all 3 Apple Watch goals:

Active cals burned: 615 (smart goal: 340)

Exercise minutes: 33 (goal 30)

Stand goal: 15hrs (goal 1 min/hr for 12 hrs)

Total steps: 10,374

Cals consumed: 807 (burned approx 600)

Walked 2.5-3miles outside, for 71 min broken between 3 walks 

Carbs: 26 (goal </= 30) 

Protein: 78 (goal 70-90) 

Water: 80oz (goal 70oz)

So I completely killed it today and I feel incredibly motivated!!!! Cannot wait to continue this momentum!!! 

I think writing down very attainable goals and then recapping my day on paper is really helping me. 

Blue are my personal goals I set for the day. Much laxer than my watch, etc, but I was trying to build my way back up to exercise and work my way back down calorie wise. But, again, I killed it!!! 

The pink is my actual stats for the day. I am loving having this at a glance, and using paper and pen again. I think I may have found what works for me. 

Now I have to just remain consistent and keep up the momentum. I’m determined to do this. 


Crushed it 

Red= active calories

Green= exercise goal 

Blue= stand goal (1 min per hour)

Please note: I did not put on my watch until 10-11a today

For the first time, I completely killed my active cals goal and exercise goal. 

Recap (it’s only 830p) so far today:

Walked actively ~3.5 miles (total 4.43 miles) 

Exercised 55 min (goal 30/day) 

+9200 steps so far today 

Struggling with my eating (still) but I threw out all the leftovers from the party we had this weekend. But, at least I’m partly back on my game. 

Tomorrow I hit all fitness goals, AND I eat on-point. 

May not be perfect, but I’m taking this as a win for the day. 

Take 2… Or 3? Or…. 

Last week I started writing down weight, and I set a weigh day goal (which I met) but I didn’t plan enough. 

Was reading tonight to set small goals, and journal. I’m utilizing my day planner as my “journal”. 

This time I’m setting daily step goals, calorie goals, carb goals, etc. Going to work my way back down to where I need to be– build up my step goals, while decreasing my calorie and carb goals. 

I’ll still keep track of weight, too. But I think this is a good way to keep me on track and motivated. I’m being very reasonable. For instance, my one and only goal tomorrow is to hit 3500 steps. 

I know. That’s nothing. But, I’ve been hit or miss (mostly miss) exercising. Tonight I did a couple miles, but I am not consistently doing that. 

So, tomorrow will be my first day keeping track, and I know I have carb-filled leftovers, and my cals have been out of control, so I’m only focusing on a realistic step goal. I have to actually walk to hit that– I work from home and sit at a desk all day. 

The next day I kept the 3500 step goal, added to reduce carbs (no starch carbs) quit sweet tea (for the millionth time– my arch nemesis) and stay under 1400 cals. 

My goal is to get back up to consistently hitting 10k steps a day, while being under 20 carbs, with 1000-1200 cals intake and at least 90g protein and 72oz water. 

Which, trying to do all of that immediately would be totally overwhelming. I think I’m being practical this way, and hopefully it will help me get and stay back on track.