BOOM! πŸ’£

Met *every* goal today, for the first time EVER!!! 

Met all 3 Apple Watch goals:

Active cals burned: 615 (smart goal: 340)

Exercise minutes: 33 (goal 30)

Stand goal: 15hrs (goal 1 min/hr for 12 hrs)

Total steps: 10,374

Cals consumed: 807 (burned approx 600)

Walked 2.5-3miles outside, for 71 min broken between 3 walks 

Carbs: 26 (goal </= 30) 

Protein: 78 (goal 70-90) 

Water: 80oz (goal 70oz)

So I completely killed it today and I feel incredibly motivated!!!! Cannot wait to continue this momentum!!! 

I think writing down very attainable goals and then recapping my day on paper is really helping me. 

Blue are my personal goals I set for the day. Much laxer than my watch, etc, but I was trying to build my way back up to exercise and work my way back down calorie wise. But, again, I killed it!!! 

The pink is my actual stats for the day. I am loving having this at a glance, and using paper and pen again. I think I may have found what works for me. 

Now I have to just remain consistent and keep up the momentum. I’m determined to do this. 


3 thoughts on “BOOM! πŸ’£

  1. I find the act of physically writing down my goals and tracking them vs. Using fancy electronics (and I love electronics and gadgets) helps me be more accountable.

    • Agreed, I really think it’s helping me. I use all my apps still, but recapping them all in one place, and being accountable to compare against the goals I set for myself for the day is really helping keep me on track I think. Very happy πŸ™‚

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