SundayFunday: Valentine’s Edition

Super proud of my day yesterday– the best day in recent history. Hit 13,980 steps, all 3 Apple Watch goals, and I stayed perfectly on track eating– all on Valentine’s Day!!! 
Not only did I hit my goals, I obliterated my “move” goal (active cals). Literally more than doubled my goal, with 778 cals burned (smart goal of 340). Got a new badge for the first time: 

I also maneuvered the day quite well, food wise. When planning our family (hubs, me, and puppy) day, I neglected to plan for food. 

So for lunch, we had the puppy with us and couldn’t be choosy. Came across a BK, and pulled to the side and looked up calories for grilled chicken sandwich- no bun. I ate half of it, so only 110 cals, with 12g protein. I even stayed in my 10:1 cals to protein ratio!!! Was super proud. 

Then, we were killing time before our dinner reservations and since it was Sunday, everything was closed early. So we went to Starbucks. I did NOT even think about getting a venti frapuccino, my old go-to drink. I was trying to be good, so I got an iced green tea without looking it up. My mistake. Halfway thru my drink I looked it up to log it and there were +20 carbs in one drink– that’s my entire day!!! So, I asked my hubs if he would mind if I didn’t drink the rest and showed him the carbs. I threw it away. I still consumed 10 carbs (half my day) but lesson learned and better than it could have been. 

Even with the unplanned and slight screw up with the green tea, I stayed at exactly 20 carbs yest and 109g protein. I am *super* proud of myself!!!! 

So yesterday was perhaps my first successful Valentine’s ever!!! I am so determined to stay on track and lose the rest of this weight! 

Oh!!! I almost forgot– I also weighed yesterday morning. I am already a lb lower than my Friday weight goal!!! Totally killing it!!!! 

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