Hello! I’m back :-)

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I posted. I’ve been thru ups and downs — both on the scale and off. 

So here’s a brief synopsis of where I am: 

Started seeing a life coach 2-3 weeks ago. She focuses on the here and now, not lamenting the past, which Ive dealt with as much as I care to via traditional therapy. Next appt is Saturday and she’ll be giving me affirmations. Not entirely sure how I’ll use them or incorporate them into my day yet, but will figure that out when I get there. Second session we rated 6 key areas of life, in that moment, and based on my responses she’s coming up with the affirmations. 

Weight wise, I regained about 25 lbs. I relost some of that, and now I’m probably regaining some, being on vacation (staycation) this week. 

I set a list of June goals, which I’ve altogether abandoned. Bought a new planner, which starts in July, and amped up to restart. I was doing well when physically writing down goals and my actual accomplishments and progress. 

That’s the short round up. Planning to start posting more often again, to help keep me engaged and on track. 

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