Mid-Week Check-In!!!

Week 1 of my 18-Week Challenge through year end is officially halfway over! 

My goal each week is to lose 3 lbs/week until year-end, for a total of 54 lbs down. I’m happy to report that week 1 is off to a great start, and I’m already down those 3 lbs! Aiming to get a couple extra lbs down out of this week!!!

I’ve been doing really well so far this week- already hitting my “real” nutrition goals. I tend to be lax starting back, and slowly lower cals and carbs to get to where I really need to be. Not this time! 

I am all in and eating completely on target! Carbs have not been over 20 (yesterday I was at 10 for the day!) and calories have actually been a little low, but, I’m completely good with that! 

Macros yesterday were excellent: 

I focus on low carb/high protein, as a personal choice. Mainly on lean protein, though I’ve eased up a bit on this, and focus on overall daily goals instead of each individual food being perfect. 

I’m finally learning you have to have a degree of happiness with what you eat, to make it stick. So while I like to keep to a 10:1 overall calorie to protein ratio, I’ve let myself have individual foods that don’t fit this ratio. 

For instance, this week I meal prepped egg casserole muffins. I used sausage, instead of lean ground beef- that’s how my mom always made her version, and honestly it makes me happier. I also have been snacking on hard salami- zero carbs! I only have 3-5 pieces max at a time, usually with one piece of cheese. 

I can’t be miserable with what I choose to eat, otherwise i won’t be able to stick with it!!! So, I’m giving myself a little breathing room, and so far it’s working out well! 

Can’t wait til Sunday, for my official Week 1 weigh-day!!! 

Week 1 (18 Weeks Until Year End Challenge!) 

Officially refocused and 100% back on track! Low carb/high protein lifestyle. 

There are 18 weeks left in the year, as of today, and at a goal loss of 3lbs/wk that’s still 54 lbs I can lose by year end! 

If I hit that goal, I’ll also hit about 100 lbs down!!! Will be a huge success, HUGE! 

Next year my friend and I are going to Europe- that means a long flight, in a tiny seat. I will NOT be this weight for that flight. Im capable of hitting my goals, I just have to want it and stay focused. 

Yesterday I broke it down into 3 phases. Very attainable goals, and I can definitely hit goal weight by next November, when we leave for Europe. 

First up is getting through and making the most of the rest of this year. Started off on a good note yesterday, and hit my daily goals I set for myself: 

I’m also using my affirmations again, and have one written down each day. 

Super excited for the rest of this year now- 2016 is not a waste! I can still hit my goals and live a healthier, happier life! #MindBodySpirit