Mid-Week Check-In!!!

Week 1 of my 18-Week Challenge through year end is officially halfway over! 

My goal each week is to lose 3 lbs/week until year-end, for a total of 54 lbs down. I’m happy to report that week 1 is off to a great start, and I’m already down those 3 lbs! Aiming to get a couple extra lbs down out of this week!!!

I’ve been doing really well so far this week- already hitting my “real” nutrition goals. I tend to be lax starting back, and slowly lower cals and carbs to get to where I really need to be. Not this time! 

I am all in and eating completely on target! Carbs have not been over 20 (yesterday I was at 10 for the day!) and calories have actually been a little low, but, I’m completely good with that! 

Macros yesterday were excellent: 

I focus on low carb/high protein, as a personal choice. Mainly on lean protein, though I’ve eased up a bit on this, and focus on overall daily goals instead of each individual food being perfect. 

I’m finally learning you have to have a degree of happiness with what you eat, to make it stick. So while I like to keep to a 10:1 overall calorie to protein ratio, I’ve let myself have individual foods that don’t fit this ratio. 

For instance, this week I meal prepped egg casserole muffins. I used sausage, instead of lean ground beef- that’s how my mom always made her version, and honestly it makes me happier. I also have been snacking on hard salami- zero carbs! I only have 3-5 pieces max at a time, usually with one piece of cheese. 

I can’t be miserable with what I choose to eat, otherwise i won’t be able to stick with it!!! So, I’m giving myself a little breathing room, and so far it’s working out well! 

Can’t wait til Sunday, for my official Week 1 weigh-day!!! 

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