About- 2015 Update

I’m now 32 years old and getting married in less than 5 months!

The “Big Day” is June 20, 2015.

Originally I was looking to lose 100lbs by my wedding, through diet and exercise alone.

I have just gotten approved for weight loss surgery (the gastric sleeve) and surgery is scheduled for February 16, 2015.

It’s no longer feasible to lose 100 lbs by the wedding, so I’m setting a new goal of 50 lbs down by the wedding.

Then I’ll still be blogging, as I work to lose an additional 100 lbs, for a total of around 150 lbs down.

This isn’t a blog preaching WLS, it’s just a blog about losing weight– the ups and down– and all the struggles in between.

Hope you enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on “About- 2015 Update

    • Yes, but surgery wasn’t the answer for me. I’ve basically failed. I had hit 75lbs down in the first year, but I’ve regained so I’m only down 47lbs from my high weight. I also stretched my sleeve so I can eat a lot more than someone else who had surgery. But, I’m working on my relationship with food (and myself!) and I’m making lifestyle changes. Following a LC diet and focusing on protein, like my plan indicated. But, I’m basically back on my own, just trying to figure this out.

      • Have you heard of the Primal Potential podcast? It’s by an incredible woman who lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off, and now spends her time helping others. Her podcast is free and very encouraging. I always feel more motivated and capable after listening

      • Nope, that is new for me— I work from home, so no commute really to listen to podcasts, but I may need to make some time in my day. Thanks!!!!

      • It’s great when going for a walk, cleaning or cooking. If it helps you you can probably find a bit of time. She does a lot about motivation, and she has a special way of tracking that I keep trying to take up because it sounds really helpful. Basically you keep track of what you eat and how you feel afterwards, and over time you find out which foods effect your body and mood most positively

      • Oh wow that’s a new idea!!! I could listen while meal prepping on Sunday’s– I will try to remember and look it up! I am super into motivation and positivity

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