Step it up Saturday! 

It’s a little hard to get in a bunch of steps during the work week, so I set higher goals for myself on the weekends. 

I’m very happy to report that I crushed my (aggressive for me!) step goal today! 

I also was super low on cals, but not on propose. I only ate 718 cals and burned off 648 walking! 

Def got a little overheated and lightheaded on my “big” walk for the day. But, with the heat index believe it was around 100 degrees, and walking accidentally on an empty stomach didn’t help. 

Tomorrow is my “official” weigh day, to start off week 2 of my 18 week challenge but I have already hit my weight loss goal for the week, which is great. Hoping to be down another lb or two by tomorrow am tho. 

I also killed it on carbs today, only having 8!!! But, that’s partly because I was out running all around and forgot to eat. But, still happy with it!!! 

Next week I need to focus more on my water intake, but, overall I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made this first week being back on track. 

Mid-Week Check-In!!!

Week 1 of my 18-Week Challenge through year end is officially halfway over! 

My goal each week is to lose 3 lbs/week until year-end, for a total of 54 lbs down. I’m happy to report that week 1 is off to a great start, and I’m already down those 3 lbs! Aiming to get a couple extra lbs down out of this week!!!

I’ve been doing really well so far this week- already hitting my “real” nutrition goals. I tend to be lax starting back, and slowly lower cals and carbs to get to where I really need to be. Not this time! 

I am all in and eating completely on target! Carbs have not been over 20 (yesterday I was at 10 for the day!) and calories have actually been a little low, but, I’m completely good with that! 

Macros yesterday were excellent: 

I focus on low carb/high protein, as a personal choice. Mainly on lean protein, though I’ve eased up a bit on this, and focus on overall daily goals instead of each individual food being perfect. 

I’m finally learning you have to have a degree of happiness with what you eat, to make it stick. So while I like to keep to a 10:1 overall calorie to protein ratio, I’ve let myself have individual foods that don’t fit this ratio. 

For instance, this week I meal prepped egg casserole muffins. I used sausage, instead of lean ground beef- that’s how my mom always made her version, and honestly it makes me happier. I also have been snacking on hard salami- zero carbs! I only have 3-5 pieces max at a time, usually with one piece of cheese. 

I can’t be miserable with what I choose to eat, otherwise i won’t be able to stick with it!!! So, I’m giving myself a little breathing room, and so far it’s working out well! 

Can’t wait til Sunday, for my official Week 1 weigh-day!!! 

Week 1 (18 Weeks Until Year End Challenge!) 

Officially refocused and 100% back on track! Low carb/high protein lifestyle. 

There are 18 weeks left in the year, as of today, and at a goal loss of 3lbs/wk that’s still 54 lbs I can lose by year end! 

If I hit that goal, I’ll also hit about 100 lbs down!!! Will be a huge success, HUGE! 

Next year my friend and I are going to Europe- that means a long flight, in a tiny seat. I will NOT be this weight for that flight. Im capable of hitting my goals, I just have to want it and stay focused. 

Yesterday I broke it down into 3 phases. Very attainable goals, and I can definitely hit goal weight by next November, when we leave for Europe. 

First up is getting through and making the most of the rest of this year. Started off on a good note yesterday, and hit my daily goals I set for myself: 

I’m also using my affirmations again, and have one written down each day. 

Super excited for the rest of this year now- 2016 is not a waste! I can still hit my goals and live a healthier, happier life! #MindBodySpirit 


Day 4 being back on track, and I had my mid-week check-in this morning

<Drumroll please>

I am down 8.2 lbs since Sunday!!! 

Please note this loss is due to the first week back on low carb along with suspected water weight. 

Nonetheless I am super excited with the progress I’ve made!!! When I jumped on the scale last weekend and saw 269 I was quite literally a bit shocked. It was extremely jarring. Being back down to 260.8 feels much better, and gives me a lot of motivation to keep going! 

Little upset that I overslept this morning, and did not have a chance to take my morning walk or do my morning meditation. Now it’s evening, but so far I haven’t talked myself into walking yet. 

Despite being a little discouraged about my motivation, I’m really trying to continue focusing on the positive. So far cals/carbs are better than yesterday, protein is good, and oh, yah– I lost 8.2lbs in 4 Days!!! 

Now I just have to be consistent and get back to walking, and also finally start adding my videos and weights in. Also within the next week, I believe I start adding my elliptical in too. Very short intervals at first, as it kills me and I’m super out of shape. But I’ll build up. 

Consistency is key!!!! 

Day 3 – Getting my groove back 

It’s my third day being back on track with my eating and exercise and I am feeling great! 

Today I was ever so slightly over the calorie goal I set for myself (1436 vs 1400) but I was only at 30 carbs for the day (goal was 40, as I’m working my way back down to 20) and I had 129g protein 🙂 i also not only did my planned morning walk, I threw in an evening walk too! 

So I walked over 2 miles outside today, burning over 500 cals (approx/allegedly). 

Oh! I also blew away the small step goal I set for myself, as I’m trying to work back up there as well. Goal was 4000 steps, so far I’m over 6500. 

I also did my morning meditation with affirmation and I will get my evening meditation in before bed. 

Tomorrow is my mid-week, make sure I’m on track weigh-in. Goal for this week was only to lose 1lb, as I knew I wouldn’t be 100% on point yet. I’ve already lost that in water weight, so feeling pretty good about Sunday’s official weigh in. 

All in all I’m really feeling very positive about my progress and life in general. I think my change in attitude and actively working to be kinder to myself is really, really making a huge difference. 

I can’t wait to start seeing results again! 

Day 2 Back On Track

The day is not over yet, and I did not hit every goal, but I’m considering today a success! 

Part of what I’m learning from my life coach is to focus on the positive and what I did right, and let go of beating myself up and ruminating over my flaws. 

Today I got up early and meditated, like I wanted to. I then fell back asleep, so I missed my am walk, but I learned a lesson that I need to get up and walk first, and then meditate, once I’m more awake!

Today I am so far under my calorie goal, and I’m working hard to not eat anything else this evening. 

Today I did take my evening walk with the puppy, as planned. 

Today was a good day. 

Carbs are not on point yet, but much lower than yesterday. Protein was good, though! 

Water is something I knew I needed to work on, so that’s why I decided to include it on my daily goals. I only had 32oz of water today, but, I can have at least 8oz more tonight. But, I am working on it, tracking it, and I will do better. 

This was also my first day back to work after my staycation last week. Given that, I’m even happier with the good choices and progress I made today. 

I’m feeling good about my mindset, which is the biggest struggle in my opinion. 

I also am super pumped that I’m adjusting my focus and my thoughts. I’m actively working on replacing all the negative self talk with learning to be kinder to myself. I’m on a journey of learning to love myself- mind, body, and spirit. 

This is so new to me, but I think it’s going to make all the difference. I think loving myself has been the missing link all this time. Taking care of your health and body are acts of self-love. 

I was so self-loathing, it’s no wonder I couldn’t sustain change. I was working on one aspect, while ignoring the giant mountain in my way. 

I’m a little nervous about my journey, but I’m really excited to see how far I can go. 

Day 1- it got real

Stayed up until 3a last night writing down my daily goals for the next few weeks. 

Getting progressively harder day by day, building up a little more each day. 

Plan is very realistic– first week, goal is to lose 1 lb. I am reducing carbs daily, until I get back down to 20. Reducing cals slowly, until I get back down to 1200. I’m slowly increasing activity and doing a video and walk daily. 

A new facet of my plan is meditation, both in the morning and evening. My life coach gave me customized affirmations, 2 pages of them, and I have picked one per day to focus on. I’m starting slow, meditating for 2 min in the am and pm, and focusing on that day’s affirmation. I will increase to meditation for 10-15 min. 

I’m really refocusing whole heartedly, mind and body. 

I also started adding positive sayings to start each day– fitness motivation, inspiration, etc. Missed the first couple days, but I’m really trying to start each day off on the right foot and continue to be positive and mindful throughout the day. 

This is not going to be easy. I really struggle with food and consistency. But, I absolutely have to do this. I’m determined to stay focused and consistent and I know I’ll see results. 

I’m trying to be very realistic in my goals, and accept that it’s going to take time. I’m not going to lose massive amounts of weight overnight. I’m going to lose slowly, but that’s ok. I need to lose and keep the weight off, instead of this dramatic yo-yo. 

Weighed this morning, for a baseline of Day 1 being back on track: 269.0. 

By next Sunday, my goal is to have lost 1 lb. More importantly, my goals are to hit every daily goal, and get back to being consistent. Log my food, workout, and keep moving! 

Oh– I also listed a place to mark a success every single day– what is something I did right that day? Really trying to change my way of thinking, and learn to be kind to myself. Wish me luck!!! 

SundayFunday: Valentine’s Edition

Super proud of my day yesterday– the best day in recent history. Hit 13,980 steps, all 3 Apple Watch goals, and I stayed perfectly on track eating– all on Valentine’s Day!!! 
Not only did I hit my goals, I obliterated my “move” goal (active cals). Literally more than doubled my goal, with 778 cals burned (smart goal of 340). Got a new badge for the first time: 

I also maneuvered the day quite well, food wise. When planning our family (hubs, me, and puppy) day, I neglected to plan for food. 

So for lunch, we had the puppy with us and couldn’t be choosy. Came across a BK, and pulled to the side and looked up calories for grilled chicken sandwich- no bun. I ate half of it, so only 110 cals, with 12g protein. I even stayed in my 10:1 cals to protein ratio!!! Was super proud. 

Then, we were killing time before our dinner reservations and since it was Sunday, everything was closed early. So we went to Starbucks. I did NOT even think about getting a venti frapuccino, my old go-to drink. I was trying to be good, so I got an iced green tea without looking it up. My mistake. Halfway thru my drink I looked it up to log it and there were +20 carbs in one drink– that’s my entire day!!! So, I asked my hubs if he would mind if I didn’t drink the rest and showed him the carbs. I threw it away. I still consumed 10 carbs (half my day) but lesson learned and better than it could have been. 

Even with the unplanned and slight screw up with the green tea, I stayed at exactly 20 carbs yest and 109g protein. I am *super* proud of myself!!!! 

So yesterday was perhaps my first successful Valentine’s ever!!! I am so determined to stay on track and lose the rest of this weight! 

Oh!!! I almost forgot– I also weighed yesterday morning. I am already a lb lower than my Friday weight goal!!! Totally killing it!!!! 


Met *every* goal today, for the first time EVER!!! 

Met all 3 Apple Watch goals:

Active cals burned: 615 (smart goal: 340)

Exercise minutes: 33 (goal 30)

Stand goal: 15hrs (goal 1 min/hr for 12 hrs)

Total steps: 10,374

Cals consumed: 807 (burned approx 600)

Walked 2.5-3miles outside, for 71 min broken between 3 walks 

Carbs: 26 (goal </= 30) 

Protein: 78 (goal 70-90) 

Water: 80oz (goal 70oz)

So I completely killed it today and I feel incredibly motivated!!!! Cannot wait to continue this momentum!!! 

I think writing down very attainable goals and then recapping my day on paper is really helping me. 

Blue are my personal goals I set for the day. Much laxer than my watch, etc, but I was trying to build my way back up to exercise and work my way back down calorie wise. But, again, I killed it!!! 

The pink is my actual stats for the day. I am loving having this at a glance, and using paper and pen again. I think I may have found what works for me. 

Now I have to just remain consistent and keep up the momentum. I’m determined to do this. 


Crushed it 

Red= active calories

Green= exercise goal 

Blue= stand goal (1 min per hour)

Please note: I did not put on my watch until 10-11a today

For the first time, I completely killed my active cals goal and exercise goal. 

Recap (it’s only 830p) so far today:

Walked actively ~3.5 miles (total 4.43 miles) 

Exercised 55 min (goal 30/day) 

+9200 steps so far today 

Struggling with my eating (still) but I threw out all the leftovers from the party we had this weekend. But, at least I’m partly back on my game. 

Tomorrow I hit all fitness goals, AND I eat on-point. 

May not be perfect, but I’m taking this as a win for the day.