Weekend weakness

Yet another weekend without adequate willpower. Technically I’m ok on calories for the day so far, but I’ve eaten crap. How do you get through the weekends?

For me, weekends are the hardest. More time on my hands, generally more opportunities to eat- including more temptations that aren’t there during the work week.

So how do you get through it?

I was 200 calories over yesterday for no good reason, other than my lack of willpower. I’m probably going to be over tomorrow because family dinner (and dessert) are not my normal sensible meals: lasagna, salad, 3 types of bread- garlic bread, garlic knots, and garlic cheese bread. Oh, and don’t forget the cheesecake for dessert. What was I thinking?!

Do you use diet pills, and do they help you? Sometimes I take them, but not regularly like I probably should. I don’t want to get too in the habit of taking them, but I also want to get through this transition period when it’s not habit yet to eat smaller portions and make smart decisions. I’m still struggling with that.

I just took a diet pill, which I never remember to do on weekends, and I’m hoping it helps. I’m also going to try and pre-log dinner tomorrow, both so I know how many cals I have to use the rest of the day (thinking protein shakes for bfast and lunch) and also so I know how much I can eat and maintain control over what I put in my mouth.

I hate the weekends and I wish I knew better strategies to deal with my wavering willpower. Weekends are the worst!!!!! Love to hear how you cope!

Miami, Monday and malady

Well I’m happy to report I survived driving back and forth to Miami for a ball game without completely trashing my eating regime. (Notice I do not use the word “diet“. This is not temporary, this is a new lifestyle for me. In any event, we had a great time at the game and while I partook of some of the oodles of food and a little wine that surrounded us in the suite, I managed to avoid soda and drank water. A lot of water.

I also made home-made egg, sausage, cheese and bread casserole for the fiancĂ© this weekend. No idea how many calories, but I’m trying to figure out how to account for this situation in the future.

I’m slightly stressed that I ate more of that than I should have and that the calories are outrageous. But I’m trying to stay calm and move forward. I’m definitely not using this as an excuse to binge, like I would have in the past. I’m getting right back on the wagon and tracking cals.

I am a little disappointed in myself but I’m trying not to let it overtake me. I can’t focus on that, I have to stay focused on my goal, which I’ll meet. I didn’t get my walk in this weekend either, but I did almost hit my step goal yesterday, nonetheless.

Will get back to walking tonight, despite being exhausted and battling a stomach issue. Because I’m not feeling the best, I haven’t eaten lunch, but I’m really not hungry or feeling up to it, though I am making sure I keep drinking lots of water.

All in all, for my first weekend on my new healthful journey, I think I did ok. Not perfect, but weekends have always been such a huge struggle for me, especially when there are special events thrown in there. But I didn’t completely lose it or go off track and today I’m back being uber accountable.

So I’m going to choose to see this as a success and just do even better this coming weekend. We are having family dinner Sunday (lasagna) but I’m going to figure out cals in advance and work it in. It’s all about planning for me. Still determined to do this…